Document for use in Libya first needs to be legalised by way of FCDO Apostille and then submitted to the Consulate of Libya for further attestation.

For some commercial documents, further legalisation by the London and the Arab-British Chambers of Commerce may be required before submitting to the Libyan Consulate for further attestation.


The consular fee is £150 per document for express legalisation (incl. Arabic translation for their records, if necessary).

If further legalisation by the London and Arab-British Chambers of Commerce is also required, an additional fee of £57.60 per document is applicable.


The consular processing time is likely to be 1-2 working days.

If further attestation by the London and Arab Chambers of Commerce is required, the processing time is likely to be 8-10 working days.


For Certificates of Origin and Invoices, the Libyan Consulate may charge a percentage of the sale price as a legalisation fee which may potentially make legalisation costly in given cases.

A translation of each document into Arabic will be required (for their internal use only and does not require to be notarised/legalised itself). If the Arabic translation is not submitted with the commercial documents legalising via the London and Arab Chambers, they charge an additional £50 per page for translation on top of the standard consular fee.

Method of payment:  Cash or bank transfer.

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Thursday


61-62 Ennismore Gardens, London SW7 1NH

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