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1. General Terms

1.1. These terms and conditions of business are the Agreement between You (“the Client”) and Westminster Legalisation Services LTD (“the Company” or simply “WLS”) and all services and work are undertaken according to these terms.

1.2. In these terms and conditions of business, “the Client” shall mean any company, firm, organisation or private individual trading with the Company.

1.3. We provide Apostille legalisation by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), consular services by foreign consulates and embassies based in the United Kingdom, notary public and solicitor certification of documents through our trusted network of UK notaries and solicitors and certified translation. (“Services”)

1.4. Unless otherwise agreed by Westminster Legalisation Services LTD (“the Company”) in writing, these terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and are in addition to your statutory rights.

2. Quote, Order and Payment

2.1. Quote: The Company will provide an itemised quotation by email upon request for any Services requested. Unless otherwise stated, the quote is fully inclusive of all FCDO and consulates disbursement fees and the VAT. In the rare event of a Consulate increasing their fees after the Client has accepted a quote from the Company, the Company will request the difference in fees from the Client. The Client is liable for the altered fees.

2.2. Accepting your Order: Upon acceptance of the quote, the Client shall complete the application form online instructing the Company to provide the Services stated within the form received. An invoice will then be raised for remittance upon receipt before the Company can start the legalisation process.

2.3. Paying for your Order: the Company accepts payment by bank transfer (BACS / CHAPS), in cash or by card online and in person at our office. Where the Company receives a cheque (company cheque only) or bank transfer in advance for services, the Company reserves the right to wait until the funds have cleared before proceeding to provide the services.

2.3.1. For payment by international bank transfer, the Payer is liable for all bank charges due for international transaction and the total amount as shown in the invoice must clear into the Company’s bank account. The Company (beneficiary/Payee) shall not be liable for any transaction fees for international bank transfer.

2.4. Statutory interest is applicable to late payments for services and disbursements. If invoices which are overdue by more than 30 days are not settled upon written notice given by the Company within a specified date, the Company has the right to issue a new invoice including statutory interest for immediate remittance.

2.5. Where the Client wishes to terminate a service once it has commenced, the Client is required to notify the Company immediately in writing and the Company may terminate it if the Client pay forthwith for all work done to that point and expenses the Company has already incurred, including postal service fee to despatch the documentation.

2.5.1. If the Client fails to pay the Company, or a cheque or other payment is dishonoured, the Company is entitled to cease work immediately upon written notice to the Client without prejudice to the Company’s other rights.

3. Fulfilment

3.1. The Company requires documents to be delivered to the Company London office’s address by 10:00 am for the premium service OR by 11:00 am for standard service on the day the Order is due to commence. This will be known as the Order start date.

3.1.1. If the Company receives documents after  the aforementioned cut-off time (10:00 am for premium service OR 11:00 am for standard service), or if there is UK solicitor or public official’s signature query by the FCDO OR any delays caused by situations outside our control (such as trains signalling failure, road traffic, adverse weather conditions or force majeure) the time frame provided with the quote is not guaranteed by the Company.

3.2. The Company will complete and despatch the legalised document(s) to the address specified by the Client within the Application Form, Cover Letter or E-mail within the time frame specified in the quotation subject to the invoice remittance confirmation.

4. Delivery

4.1. The time frame for the Company to complete the Order excludes the time that the document is in transit with third party courier/postal services on return back to the destination address. This does not form part of the services provided by the Company and the Company is not liable for any delays, misplacement or losses caused by the third party postal service providers such as Royal Mail, DHL or any other courier company.

5. Liability

5.1. Except for liability for death and personal injuries caused by our negligence and for fraudulent misrepresentation:

5.1.1. The Company’s liability to the Client is strictly limited to the fees the Client has paid for the services in question – not including disbursements; and

5.1.2. The Company does not accept any liability for consequential and indirect loss or damage, loss of profit, revenue, good will and loss of opportunity whether in contract or in tort.

5.2. To the fullest extent permissible by law, the Company excludes all terms implied by law under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

5.3. The Company does not accept any liability where the Client has incorrectly instructed the Company. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the requirements and documentation needed with the requesting party overseas very carefully indeed. The actual legalisation requirements can only, in fact, be agreed by the receiving party in the destination jurisdiction and, in case of failure of the receiving party in the jurisdiction to inform the Client on the correct and accurate requirements, the Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any failure.

5.4. The Company does not take responsibility for any documents that are rejected by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or Consulate/Embassy, although the Company does the best to ensure they are in an acceptable format. The Company reserves the right to charge an additional service fee if it is necessary to resubmit the amended or new document to the FCDO or Consulate/Embassy if deemed necessary.

6. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and Consulates’ Delays

6.1. Although the Company endeavours to meet time deadlines agreed or indicated on our website or within the quote provided, time is not of the essence and the Company does not accept any liability arising from a failure to deliver services or documents within the turnaround time given. Where there is a delay in meeting a delivery date, the Company take reasonable steps to notify the Client of the reasons for the delay immediately.

6.2. Where the Client has a particular deadline ensure that the Company is notified clearly in writing in order to use the Company’s reasonable endeavours to meet that deadline.

6.3. The Company cannot be responsible for any unforeseen delays at the FCDO or a Consulate/Embassy however so caused by public transports signalling failure, adverse weather conditions or force majeure.

6.3.1. Examples of such delays are, but are not limited to: overload of work at the FCDO or Consulate/Embassy, inability to legalise a document due to invalid or untraceable signature which must to be queried with the UK public official or department (e.g. HMRC, Court, Medical Practitioner, ACRO Criminal Records Office, General Register Office), unforeseen FCDO or Consulate closure due to national/cultural holiday observation, unavailability or shortage of attestation/legalisation stamps, inaccurate information received either by the Client or the Consulate on the legalisation process required, technical issues with the FCDO or Consulate processing systems, Transport delays (trains, taxi, bus, private car) due to signalling failure, road traffic or accident.

6.3.2. Where a delay has occurred, the Company will inform the Client at the first available opportunity to advise on the new expected completion time. The Company does not provide any recompense for delays in service fees paid.

6.4. Where the Company is informed of a scheduled collection date by the consulates, the Company cannot guarantee that documentation will be available on that day as informed by the Consulate as the set deadlines are not always guaranteed or met by the Consulates/Embassies.

7. Confidentiality & Data Protection

7.1. The Company will keep your document(s) and information strictly confidential but may in the ordinary course of business disclose it to the FCDO, Consulates/Embassies, and the Company’s subcontractors and agents in order to perform the services. The Company may also disclose information where required to do so by law, where already in the Company’s possession prior to our undertaking work for the Client or obtained from another source or where disclosure is to the Company’s advisers under conditions of confidentiality.

7.2. The Client should ensure, before providing any document(s) or information to the Company, that they have legal right to do so under intellectual property law, confidentiality and contractual obligations and data protection legislation. The Client will full indemnify and hold the Company harmless against all loss and liability arising from breach of this provision.

7.3. “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (the “Data Subject”), who can be identified directly or indirectly; it may include name, address, email address, phone number, IP address, location data, cookies and similar information. It may also include “Special Categories of Personal Data” such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a data subject, data concerning health or data concerning a Data Subject’s sex life or sexual orientation.

7.4. The Company may process Personal Data and Special Categories of Personal Data that you provide in connection with the services about yourself and other Data Subjects. The Company may obtain information about you and other Data Subjects from third party service providers, such as due-diligence platforms.

7.5. The provision of certain Personal Data is mandatory in order for the Company to comply with mandatory client due diligence requirements and, consequently, to provide the Services. You warrant on a continuous basis, that such Personal Data is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Failure to comply may result in documents being rejected by the relevant certification authorities, held invalid in the destination country or other difficulty to successfully completing the Services.

7.6. The Company will only process Personal Data, in accordance with applicable law, for (i) responding to your enquiries, requests and other communications; (ii) providing the Services, including where applicable, procuring acts from foreign organisations; (iii) enabling suppliers and service providers to carry out certain functions on behalf of the Company in order to provide the services, including webhosting, data storage, identity verification, technical, logistical, courier or other functions, as applicable; (iv) sending you personalised marketing communications requested by you, you have the right to unsubscribe by notifying the Company in writing; (v) ensuring the security of the Company and preventing or detecting fraud; (vi) developing and improving our Services; and (vii) complying with applicable law, guidelines and regulations or in response to a lawful request from a court or regulatory body.

7.7. There are circumstances where the Company may wish to disclose, or is compelled to disclose, your Personal Data to third parties. These scenarios include disclosure to:

·our associated offices;·our suppliers and service providers to facilitate the provision of the Services, including couriers, translators, IT consultants and subcontractors and web hosting providers;·public authorities to carry out acts that are necessary in connection with the Services, such as the UK FCDO, Consulates/Embassies, or where we are required by law to do so;·foreign organisations to carry out acts which are necessary in connection with the Services, such as consulates, embassies and high commissions;·subject to your consent, our marketing department, to deliver personalised advertisements or contact you by post or email, or by other means;·successor or partner legal entities, on a temporary or permanent basis, for the purposes of a collaboration, financing sale, merger, reorganisation, change of legal form, dissolution or similar event relating to the Company. In the case of a merger or sale, your Personal Data will be permanently transferred to a successor company.

7.8. We may transfer your Personal Data to a third party in countries outside the country in which your Personal Data was originally collected for further processing in accordance with the purposes set out above. In particular, your Personal Data may be transferred to foreign organisations, such as embassies located in the United Kingdom or abroad. Such organisations will process the Personal Data in accordance with the laws to which they are subject and international treaties over which the Company has no control. By providing us with your Personal Data, you expressly consent to such transmission.

7.8.1. If the Company transfers Personal Data to private or organisations abroad, such as subcontractors, it will, as required by applicable law, ensure that your privacy rights are adequately protected by appropriate technical, organisation, contractual or other lawful means.

7.9. Your Personal Data will be retained for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes listed above or as required by the law. For reasons of security and convenience, we may choose to store Personal Data on remote data facilities but in an encrypted form.

7.9.1. The Company may not retain full copies of processed documents or original documents, except in cases where the Company is required to do so by the Client in writing. All copies are sent to the Client in electronic format and deleted from our server within 180 days after the Service is completed.

7.9.2. Any original legalised documentation that have been despatched but were subsequently returned to the Company for any reason or remained uncollected by the Client within 180 of the Services Completion Date will be securely destroyed by the Company. Before securely destroying any document(s) the Company will give written notice to the Client and, if no response from the Client, the document(s) will be securely destroyed in compliance with our data protection policy.

7.10. With exception of situations listed above or as required or allowed by law or other regulation, we will not pass, disclose, rent or sell your personal or your subjects’ personal information (other than any personal information which is already publicly available) to any third party without your prior consent.

8. General

8.1. The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accurate and efficient processing of the Client’s Order and that the Order is processed in accordance with the quote and the Client’s instructions received by email, cover letter or by an application form online.

8.2. No warranty or liability is accepted by the Company, its staff or agents in relation to the services provided, impartial advice or information given to the Client. Impartial advice or information provided to the Client by the Company is not legally binding and is not intended to be construed as legal advice and the Company is not liable for losses or damages to the Client, nor money, valuables or loss of business, however so caused.

8.3. Nothing in these terms shall give any third party an enforceable right whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

8.4. The Company shall not be liable for any breach of these terms and conditions of business or failure to perform the services caused by reasons of force majeure including without limitation Act of God, fire, flood, failure by subcontractors outside of our control, strikes, war, terrorism, failures in electricity or other power or telephone supplies or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

8.5. If the Client has any complaints about the services provided by the Company, please provide them directly in writing by email to the Company’s Managing Director at EMERSON@WLEGALISATION.CO.UK for analyses and resolution.