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Westminster Legalisation Services LTD, is a well-established company that provides Apostille and consular legalisation of documents and is based in central London (Charing Cross), a stone’s throw away from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) main building, just opposite Trafalgar Square. We have a wide range of experience in ApostilleConsular Legalisation and Certification of Documents for use in any jurisdiction worldwide.

The company was officially incorporated in England in 2017, to provide mainly Apostille and consular legalisation of UK documents as well as certified translation in a variety of language combinations with high quality and level of professionalism according to legal requirements for any country worldwide.

Since the beginning, we have been working closely with individuals and companies across the globe, foreign consulates and embassies based in the United Kingdom, UK law firms as well as foreign lawyers and international corporations to provide a way through the complexities of legalisation requirements and make the process as smoothly as possible for the relevant certification and legalisation required by the local authorities abroad.

At Westminster Legalisation Services (WLS), we developed and implemented a business that will suit your requirements and fulfil your expectations. Our principle is to work in partnership with our clients, use our expertise to anticipate to them any likely issue and provide the most up to date information on requirements for each foreign jurisdiction in order to prepare the documentation accordingly from beginning to end, minimising the risk of rejection when submitting to the relevant public authorities in the United Kingdom, such as the FCDO (former FCO) Legalisation Office and/or foreign consulates and embassies as well as the requesting local authorities abroad.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO.) and well prepared to handle your personal data with security and according to the requirements under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Westminster Legalisation Services

Emerson De Queiroz Barbosa
Managing Director

I am the company’s Founder and Managing Director. Brazilian born with Italian heritage, I moved to Turin (Italy) in 2002 to complete my studies and in 2007 I came to London to study English and was adopted by this lovely country where I have been living since then.

I have discovered my passion for Law when started working as an office messenger in a firm of notaries in the City of London, where I also was encouraged by my colleagues to find a suitable Law School to start my legal career and decided to return to Brazil to do my Law degree in my mother tongue (Portuguese).

In 2014, after a period os studies and internships in Brazil, between Law School and working in a large and prestigious Law firm, gaining knowledge and work experience in corporate law, I had an offer to move back to London and started working as a Logistics Management and Notary Assistant in a firm of notaries in central London.

In 2015, I started the professional course in English Law and Practice with CILEX Law School and in 2017, following a successful period dedicating full time to my own legalisation business, I have incorporated Westminster Legalisation Services LTD, in which enabled me to apply all my knowledge and expertise in notarial practice, Apostille and consular legalisation services.