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Certified Translation

In our fast moving world, it is becoming increasingly important to communicate quickly and effectively. Whether you need a one page certificate translated and certified or you have a high volume of content: precision and quality matter.

With a powerful combination of linguistic ability, copywriting skills and subject matter expertise, Westminster Legalisation Services can provide translation, certify and legalise any document of any size and on any topic for use in any foreign jurisdiction worldwide.

We have a range of qualified translators available to provide translation in a variety of languages combination for your personal or business document(s) and we perform several quality assurance checks to verify spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, completeness and accuracy before delivering the completed document to our clients.

We provide either simple translations or translation certified by a notary public, solicitor or sworn qualified translators, according to your needs or requirements of the country of final destination.

Certified translation can mean a number of things: translations are usually considered ‘certified’ if they have been produced under one of the three circumstances:

1. The document has been translated by a ‘sworn translator’

In some countries, qualified translators can register with an official body as a ‘sworn translator’ and by doing so be recognised by authorities such as the High Court of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate and attest documents (often referred to as producing a ‘certified translation’).

Sworn Translation in the UK

There is no such thing as a ‘Sworn Translator’ in the UK as there is no recognised official body which grants authorisation and regulates this practice in the UK.

2. The document has been certified by the translator or the translation company

Even though there is no formal route by which a translator can be authorised to certify translations in the UK, it is often acceptable to the requesting party for then translator to declare that they are a professional translator and they believe it to be a ‘true and accurate translation of the original’.

In theory, anyone who calls themselves a translator could make this claim. However, we always ensure that our network of professional and qualified translators state their qualifications to add gravitas to the claim.

Certified Translations in the UK

As the translation industry is unregulated, ANYONE can make claims as to the accuracy of a particular translation and, therefore, it is important to check the credentials of the certifier carefully.

All our qualified translators are members of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters or Institute of Linguists.

3. Certification in front of a Solicitor or Notary Public

This is very similar to point 2. above, the only difference is that the document is signed in front of a Solicitor or Notary Public as being ‘true to the original’. The Solicitor or Notary Public then certifies it adding their official seal and/or signature to prove the authenticity.

Our translations which are certified by UK Solicitor or Notary Public, are always performed by professional qualified translators members of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters or Institute of Linguists to guarantee accuracy and quality of our translation service.

Certified Translation for Italian dual citizenship application

If you require a certified translation for use in Italy (traduzione giurata), either for italian dual citizenship application or to register a birth, marriage or divorce documents, we have sworn translators registered with the Institute of Translators and Interpreters in the UK, the Commercial Registries in various states of Brazil (Câmara de Comércio), the Italian Consulates in Brazil and in England and will be happy to assist in your process to ensure the accuracy of documents being presented to the Italian authorities.

We are confident that we can provide quality and professional translations, certified or non-certified in a fast, efficient manner and at competitive costs to meet your needs. Handling complex assignments with integrity and dedication is all in day’s work for our network of expert translators.

If you have a translation request, please send us an email with copy of the document at and we will revert with the quote and turnaround time as soon as possible.