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We can help getting your documents legalised and ensuring they are compliant before presenting to the relevant authorities overseas.

We offer a complete legalisation process from the notarisation or solicitor certification to the Apostille Legalisation by the FCDO Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes (Apostille Next-Day and Same-Day services) and consular legalisation from all consulates based in the UK.

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Country Requirements

Use our worldwide ‘Legalisation Guide’ by searching the country’s name in the list of countries provided. This will give you an indication of the main legalisation requirements for each specific country.

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We offer the FCDO standard Apostille next-day service as well as premium Apostille same-day service (within 5-6 hours) and the e-Apostille service (within 5-48 hours) at competitive rates. 

What is Legalisation?

Legalisation is the process by which the signature and seal of the Notary Public or government officer/department are authenticated by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and/or by a foreign embassy or consulate for the country where the document is going to be submitted. A number of countries, primarily in the Middle East, still require this process of further consular legalisation after the Apostille is affixed to the document.

The legalisation requirements are determined only by the authorities in the country to which the document is going to be submitted, not by the UK government, notary public or solicitor.

Documents going to countries which are, or have been, part of the British Commonwealth seldom do not usually need legalisation nor, at present, do documents going to many parts of the United States. The legalisation requirements need to be checked with the local requesting party in the country the document will be submitted.

How is the Legalisation Process?

After the Apostille is affixed to the document by the UK FCDO, if the country where the document is going to be submitted is not a Signatory to The Hague Convention 1961, the document must be forwarded to the relevant foreign embassy, consulate or High Commission for that respective country in the United Kingdom for further legalisation/attestation. For certain Arab countries, commercial documents may also require further attestation by the London and Arab-British Chambers of Commerce before submitting to the relevant embassy, consulate or High Commission for further legalisation.

Legalisation can be a lengthy and complicated process, very specific to the particular country, and must be strictly complied with from the beginning of the process when a notary public or solicitor is certifying the document otherwise even with the Apostille and consular legalisation stamp affixed to the document, it can still be rejected when submitting to the local requesting authorities overseas.

Our Legalisation Services:

We are registered with the UK FCDO to provide Apostille legalisation and have daily trips to the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes to offer the next-day and same-day services, and subsequently submit your Apostilled documentation to the relevant embassy, Consulate or High Commission in the UK for further legalisation/attestation.

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