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Consular Legalisation

Expert Legalisation Services

Consular Legalisation

We can help getting your documents legalised and ensuring they are compliant before presenting to the relevant authorities overseas.

We offer a complete legalisation process from the notarisation or solicitor certification to the Apostille Legalisation by the FCDO Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes (Apostille Next-Day and Same-Day services) and consular legalisation from all consulates based in the UK.

Our Service Guarantee

  • Free Consultation: We check all your documents before submission
  • Legalisation by Embassies and Consulates based in the UK
  • Receive the scanned copy and tracking details prior to despatching at no extra costs
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Despatch your documents by Royal Mail Special Delivery to an address in the UK

  • Despatch your documents by DHL International Express to an address overseas

  • Drop off and collect your documents in person at our office in central London

‘Start-to-Finish’ Consulate & Embassy Legalisation Services

The ideal solution to get your documents legalised with a reliable, fast and cost-effective service. We have trips to the FCDO in Milton Keynes every day to submit and collect documents ensuring a quick turnaround, avoiding unnecessary delays. Our process:

  • Send us. your documents

  • We will get a solicitor or notary public certification (if applicable)

  • We will get your documents Apostilled by the FCDO

  • We will get your documents legalised/attested by the relevant Consulate/Embassy in the UK

  • Delivery: We arrange delivery via DHL International Express or Royal Mail Special Delivery

Search the legalisation guidelines per country

Legalisation Guide

Simply start typing name of the country below for the legalisation guidelines.

The processing times, fees and notes are provided only as reference and may change without prior notice. Contact us for up-to-date information.

Need to get your documents Legalised?

Contact us to receive a free consultation on what needs to be done to get your documents legalised

Are you looking for Apostille Legalisation?

We offer the FCDO standard Apostille next-day service as well as premium Apostille same-day service (within 5-6 hours) and the e-Apostille service (within 5-48 hours) at competitive rates.

Frequently asked Consular Legalisation questions?

How long does the consular legalisation take to be completed?

The turnaround time varies depending on the consulate/embassy your document will be submitted to. It may vary between 1 working day to 15 working days. You can see the Legalisation Guide and check this information by country.

How do I pay for the consular legalisation?

You can pay online by card or by bank transfer upon receipt of an invoice from Westminster Legalisation Services LTD. Alternatively, if attending our office in person, you can pay by card or in cash. We do not accept personal cheques.

Do I get a copy of the documents once consular legalisation is completed?

Yes, upon completion we will send you a scanned copy of the legalised document as PDF file via email along with any tracking details as applicable. If you are collecting the documents personally from our office, we send you the scanned copy of the legalised document as PDF file with the opening hours confirmation.

What is consular legalisation and why do I need it?

Consular legalisation is a process done by a diplomatic body (Consulate/Embassy/High Commission) that authenticates the signature and seal on documents Apostilled by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). It is required for documents to be recognised and legally valid in countries that are not part of The Hague Convention 1961.

How does the consular legalisation process work?

The process involves certifying your document by a UK solicitor or Notary Public first, then Apostille by the UK FCDO, and then having the document legalised by the relevant embassy or consulate in the UK for the country of destination. Each consulate may have specific requirements and you can contact our team to find out more about the requirements for the country you are submitting your documents.

What assistance does Westminster Legalisation Services LTD offer for consular legalisation?

We provide a comprehensive service that includes the solicitor certification or notary public certification (if applicable) including any verification with the issuing authority if required, the FCDO Apostille legalisation, and submit the documents to any consulate/embassy based in the UK which country is not yet Signatory to the Hague Convention 1961. The turnaround time and requirements vary from each consulate/embassy.

Can I drop off and collect my documents in person?

Yes, Westminster Legalisation Services LTD allows you to drop off and collect your documents at their conveniently located central London office.

What countries do you cover for consular legalisation?

Westminster Legalisation Services LTD offer legalisation services for all countries which are not Signatory to the Hague Convention 1961 and with consulates based in the UK. We provide a legalisation guide for specific country requirements available on our website.

What is the difference between Apostille and consular legalisation?

The Apostille legalisation is a form of document certification recognised by countries Signatory to The Hague Convention 1961 abolishing the requirement of further legalisation by diplomatic body in the country of origin. The Consular legalisation is required for countries that are not Signatory to this Hague Convention, after the Apostille is obtained.

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