Document for use in Lebanon first needs to be legalised by way of FCDO Apostille and then submitted to the Consulate of Lebanon for further attestation.

For commercial documents such as Certificates of Origin and Invoices, further legalisation by the London and Arab-British Chambers of Commerce may be required before submitting to the Lebanese Consulate for further attestation.


The consular fee is £161 per commercial document. If further legalisation by the London and Arab-British Chambers of Commerce is required, an additional fee of £57.60 per commercial document applies.

The fees for private documents vary depending on the type of document: £45 (GRO Certificates – birth, marriage, death); £72 for General Powers of Attorney or £36 per signature for Special Power of Attorney, £45 for Affidavit, educational documents, medical reports and Divorce Judgement (Decree Absolute) and £90 for Wills and Pledge to Deny Ownership document.

Please note for Special Power of Attorney the fee is £36 per signature plus extra fees (only if the amount of money is stated in the Power of Attorney, 1£ per 1000£). Also, the divorce judgment is £45 + 2/1000 of any amount of money mentioned in the Divorce Judgment. The maximum fee is: £1,786.00


The consular processing time is likely to be 3-4 working days


For certain commercial documents the Lebanese Consulate may charge a percentage of the sale price as a legalisation fee which may potentially make legalisation costly in given cases

The document must make reference to Lebanon within its content, and, if referring to any other country it may be rejected.

The Consulate accepts bundled documents under one notarial certificate and Apostille, however, in this case the consular fee is charged per each separate document within the bundle.

In case of Powers of Attorney, the consulate requires the signatory(ies)’ passport copy submitted together with the Power of Attorney.

Method of payment: cash or postal order only.

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (submission) 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (collection) Monday to Friday


15 Palace Gardens Mews, London W8 4RB

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