Document for use in Jordan first needs to be legalised by way of FCDO Apostille and then submitted to the Consulate of Jordan for further attestation.

Documents related to commercial matters can either be legalised by the FCDO or by the Arab British Chamber of Commerce before submitting to the Jordanian Consulate for further attestation.


The consular fee is £42.80 per document related to commercial matters, £100.40 per commercial document incl. London and Arab Chambers of Commerce and £10.20 per document related to personal matters.


The consular processing time is likely to be 3-4 working days for personal documents or commercial documents submitted directly to the Consulate.

For commercial documents submitted via the London and Arab Chambers the processing time is likely to be 8-10 working days.


**The Consulate is accepting submission of documents for legalisation by appointment only.**

The document must refer to Jordan, and, if referring to any other country within its content then it is likely to be rejected by the Consulate.

The UK educational documents for the purpose of accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education of Jordan can be attested directly by the British Council in Amman, so there is NO NEED for the FCDO Apostille or Jordanian Consulate legalisation in the UK.

All documents issued in Jordan which need to be used in the UK should be legalised from the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Amman to be able to be legalised by the Jordanian Consulate in London. Legalising such documents is free of charge.

Bundled documents are accepted under one notarial certificate and one Apostille, and in this case only one consular fee is applicable.

For legalisation of documents originated from the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, once notarised and Apostilled by the relevant authorities in the region of origin, the documents need to be further Apostilled by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in order to be legalised by the Consulate.

For legalisation of Powers of Attorney, the following instructions must be observed by the Notary/Solicitor, before certifying the document:

1) A specific reference to the documentation behind its certification;
2) A declaration that the Power of Attorney has been signed in the presence of a UK Notary Public or Practising Solicitor, after being satisfied that the signatory ID is original;
3) In case of signing on behalf of a company, the certification must clearly state that the ‘Practising Solicitor’/‘Notary Public’ is satisfied that the signatory has the full authority and the capacity to sign of behalf of the company.
4) Power of Attorney that contains any kind of authorisation for the purpose of selling lands or properties located outside the borders of “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” or in contrary with the Jordanian public order and morals CANNOT be legalised;

Method of Payment: card and online payment only

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (Lodging) and 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm (collection) Monday to Friday


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