Document for use in Angola first needs to be legalised by way of FCDO Apostille and then submitted to the Consulate of Angola for further attestation.


The consular fee is £174 per document for the standard service or £348 for the express service.


The consular processing time is likely to be 10-15 working days for standard service and 5-6 working days for express service.


The documents must be translated into Portuguese and the Portuguese version must be first in the bundle followed by the English version in the subsequent pages. The translation of UK documents must be performed by a qualified translator in the UK.

The notarial certification must be either in dual language Portuguese-English OR if in English a Portuguese translation must be attached to the front and the Apostille is required to be affixed to the Portuguese notarial certificate.

Photocopy of the document is required on submission to the Consulate.

For legalisation of private documents, the Consulate requires the applicant’s copy of passport, residential address, contact number, email address and parents’ names.

For legalisation of commercial documents, the Consulate requires the director’s passport copy, company registered address, contact number, email address and may request additional supporting documentation such as a Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association.

For documents related to foreign companies, the Certificate of Incorporation must be certified by the respective diplomatic body of the country of origin of the document and must be translated into Portuguese.

The Memorandum & Articles of Association is also required in case of foreign companies, but translation only in English should be sufficient.

Method of payment: card or bank transfer only.

Opening hours: 9:30 am – 11:30 am Monday to Thursday for submission and Fridays for collection.


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