Document for use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) first needs to be legalised by way of FCDO Apostille and then submitted to the Consulate of the UAE for further attestation.


The consular fees are £37 (AED150 + third-party transaction fees) for personal documents or £490 (AED2000 + third-party transaction fees) for commercial documents. In addition to the Consulate fee, there is a VFS/DHL delivery service fee of £40 (AED196 + third-party transaction fees) per application of up to 5 documents. 

Court order in which a company is Party to the process, the Consulate may charge £37 (AED150 + third-party transaction fees) per document.

For commercial documents requiring further attestation by the London and Arab-British Chambers attestation, the fee is £557.60 per document including LCCI & ABCC fees (for this option VFS/DHL delivery service is not applicable).

***The fee shown on the UAE legalisation stamp is an estimate taken from the Google exchange rate every 1st day of each month and does not include any third-party transaction fees due to the UAE MoFA/VFS.***


The consulate estimated processing time is likely to be 8-10 working days. It may take longer if further verification/approvals need to be carried out by the Consulate.  It is important to note that this is just an estimate based on recent applications submitted to the Consulate.

We may experience some delays during Ramadan and Eid holiday hence the estimated turnaround time provided may differ during this period.

The Consulate does not provide status updates on when they will release the legalised documentation until they have completed the necessary internal verification process.


The UAE Consulate in London accept documents from the Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Jersey, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories, but they are required to be first legalised or attested by, either the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) or Governors’ Offices of Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey, the Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Islandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs, according to the region where the document is originated from.

Effective from 13th May 2024 all documents must be submitted through VFS/DHL delivery service and each application must contain no more than 3 documents (this will increase after the trial). The document owner should be of the same individual or direct family member (in this case proof of relationship is required e.g. copy of a marriage or birth certificate) or in case of commercial documents, same company.

The legalisation of Powers of Attorney, Authorisations of Agent, Affidavit and Consent Letters will be subject to verification of signatories by the UAE Consulate before legalising any of these documents. 

The Consulate requires a cover letter from the signatory (to speed up the verification process) confirming they have signed the document in the presence of the notary public or solicitor and a copy of the signatory(ies)’ passport to be enclosed. The cover letter must contain the signatory(ies)’ personal email and telephone number and they should be well-informed about the Consulate contacting them for the verification of ID and signature and a prompt response from them is anticipated. If more than one signatory, each one must provide a cover letter with their signature matching with the signature on their passport and the document being legalised. 

If the document relates to a foreign entity, the notary must state on their notarial certificate that the document was signed in their presence within the UK (which is the jurisdiction of the UAE Consulate in London), otherwise will be considered as a foreign document without connection with the UK and may be rejected by the Consulate. This is only applicable to documents such as Powers of Attorney, Board Resolution, Authorisations of Agent, Declarations, Agreements, etc (documents which are ink signed or electronically signed by the document holder/company directors).


Documents originated from the UAE must be endorsed by the UAE Ministry for Foreign Affairs before submitting to the UAE Consulate in London for further legalisation.

Documents from the British Overseas Territories require to be Apostilled by the relevant Government of the Territory concerned before submitting to the UK FCDO for further Apostille legalisation and subsequently to the UAE Consulate.

Documents originated from the Crown Dependencies once Apostilled in the region of origin are accepted directly by the UAE Consulate for legalisation (no additional Apostille from the UK FCDO is required).

BUNDLING documents ARE NOT accepted  by the Consulate in any circumstances. Each document MUST be certified and Apostilled separately, with exception of a Certificate of Incorporation with the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name in relation to the same company which are accepted bundled together.

Any foreign documents are usually not accepted. However, the Consulate may accept foreign documents depending on the type of document and under specific circumstances. In case of foreign documents, they must be:

  1. Attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin,
  2. Attested by the relevant diplomatic body of the country of origin in the UK,
  3.  Certified by a UK notary public (the FCDO has specific requirements in accepting certified foreign documents by UK notaries or solicitors),
  4. Apostilled by the UK FCDO,
  5. Submission to the UAE Consulate in London for further legalisation.

Certificate of Origin, Invoice and Bill of Sale must be attested by the London and Arab Chambers of Commerce before submitting to the Consulate for further legalisation. 

Documents for non-profit organisation(UK Charities), the Consulate requires for a full scanned copy to be sent via email to for approval by their Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only after the approval they will confirm via email to submit the Apostilled documentation for legalisation.

Method of payment: Online payment by card only.

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday to Friday. Submission and return of documents accepted via VFS/DHL delivery service only.


48 Prince’s Gate, London SW7 2QA

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