The Lebanese Consulate in London has increased its fees for the legalisation of documents effective from January 2022.

The new fees vary according to the type of document submitted for legalisation. The structure of new fees are, as follows:

  • Commercial documents £161 per document (except Certificate of Origin and Invoice),
  • Educational documents £43 per document,
  • Private documents (Affidavit and Medical Report) £43
  • Private documents (Powers of Attorney) – £72 for General Power of Attorney or £36 for Special Power of Attorney per signature,
  • Private documents (Pledge to Deny Ownership or Will) £90,
  • Private documents (Probate) £54 per signature plus extra fees (applied only if the amount of money is stated in the probate, 2£ per 1000£),
  • Private documents (Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificate (Not to be used for registration in Lebanon) £27 per certificate,
  • Private documents (Divorce Judgment) £45.00+ 2/1000 of any amount of money mentioned in the Divorce Judgment. Maximum fees: £1786.00.

All UK documents for submission to the Lebanese local authorities need to be first certified by a UK notary public, Apostilled by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and legalised by the Lebanese Consulate in London.

The Consulate continues to accept more than one document bundled together under one Apostille only, but each document within the bundle is required to be stamped/legalised by the Consulate individually.

For further information on how to get your UK documents legalised for use in Lebanon, please contact us

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